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Hujan Emas Di Negeri Orang, Hujan Batu Di Negeri Sendiri

In our daily lives at present, we find ourselves caught within our own bubble. Without realising, we are distracted by our constant need to work in order to stay afloat. We are overcome by the hustle and bustle of living within a busy atmosphere, due to fear of missing out disguised as convenience. Imagine if there was a way to weave what we miss, with what we have. A solution to invoke that nostalgic feel and emotion, that communal way of living, in today’s context. . 

The Developer

Established in 2001, Haluan Fokus Sdn Bhd was founded by individuals from the Built Environment industry namely civil engineers, urban planners and those with architectural background. Traditionally a firm renowned with its project management consultancy work that spans throughout the country and also internationally,  Haluan Fokus has diversified to become a boutique property development firm that focuses on unique locations and emphasising on the quality of life for the owners of their designer houses.


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